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Benefits of Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an effective treatment for many types of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. But, it can also help people who are facing difficult life situations, or would like to develop healthier, more functional personal habits.

Therapy sessions can provide these seven types of benefits and more:

  • Adding to your support network

  • Gaining a better understanding of yourself

  • Learning how to handle emotions

  • Identifying underlying causes of symptoms

  • Providing coping strategies

  • Managing symptoms

  • Facilitating lifestyle changes


Common Reasons for Family Counseling

There are many reasons that may prompt you to seek family counseling or therapy, including:

  • Child has problems with school, substance abuse or an eating disorder.

  • Major trauma or change has impacted the entire family, such as moving, a natural disaster, or incarceration of a sibling or parent.

  • Loss of a family member.

  • Adjustment to a new family member in the home, such as the birth of a sibling or grandparent moving in.

  • Domestic violence

  • Divorce / Parental conflict


Benefits to Family Counseling

  • Eliminate family crisis

  • Development of healthy boundaries

  • Improved communication, family dynamics and relationships

  • Increased coping skills for family members

  • Reduction of family conflict

  • Improvement of a family’s problem-solving abilities


Benefits of Couples Therapy

Many couples seek therapy if they have negative communication breakdown, an affair has occurred, broken trust or they have difficulty resoling issues. There are many benefits to couples therapy. 

  • Understanding how to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner

  • Development of communication skills that will foster a healthy relationship

  • Learning how to be assertive without being offensive

  • Learning how to express one’s needs without resentment or anger

  • Learning acceptance and forgiveness

  • Actually processing and working through unresolved issues, as the therapeutic environment allows the couple to express their feelings in a safe environment

  • A deeper understanding of oneself and of one’s partner

  • The ability to address and work through a crisis (e.g., the death of an important family member)

  • Increased honesty and trust


Group therapy allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues. Group therapy helps individuals develop communication skills and socialization skills, and allows clients to learn how to express their issues and accept criticism from others. We all need a safe space to talk things out. Group therapy can be that for people looking to manage a mental health condition or major life change. For many people, group therapy can be more powerful than individual therapy

  • Group therapy helps you realize you’re not alone

  • Positive peer support and positive peer pressure 

  • Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways

  • Group therapy provides a safety net


When you hear the words “psychological testing,” all kinds of questions and thoughts may run through your mind. What will they ask? Will my answers be considered right or wrong? If my answers are wrong, what will that say about me? Don’t panic. Psychologists use psychological testing in the same way medical doctors use lab work, X-rays, and physical exams: to determine the cause of your symptoms and recommend treatment, when necessary. 

Psychological testing is the basis for mental health treatment. Tools are often used to measure and observe a person’s behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. Tests are performed by a psychologist who will evaluate the results to determine the cause, severity, and duration of your symptoms. This will guide them in creating a treatment plan that meets your needs. Psychological testing time varies depending on the tests that are performed. 


As a parent, do you feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated? Are you being challenged by a defiant, strong-willed or explosive child? Do you find yourself yelling and saying hurtful words when you don’t mean to? Parent burnout is real and often not talked about.

Being a parent can be meaningful and full of joy when there is support and understanding. Coaching services are provided online and when needed in the home. Parent coaching empowers parents to deal with the following issues related to children and youth: 

  • Defiance

  • Aggression (towards you or others)

  • Bedtime sleep patterns

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Negative peer groups