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Counseling Foundations

Do you feel lonely, sad, anxious, angry, have you experienced trauma or abuse or are you having problems in a relationship? Counseling Foundations is here to help! We provide outpatient mental health services including Mental Health Diagnosis, Evaluation and Assessment, Individual and Family Therapy, Couples Counseling, Psychological Assessment and Testing, Polyvagal Toning, Ecotherapy (Nature Therapy) and Parent Coaching. Clients we work with include adults, teens, children, families and couples from a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. Our mission is to empower you to take control of your life, heal your hurt, enable you to reduce stress and anxiety, empower you to be happier and help you mend broken relationships. We can help you to build better coping skills to so you can overcome challenges in life and become empowered. Our staff are experts and use cutting edge therapeutic techniques. Check out our "Services" section as we offer a wide range of services and therapy techniques to treat your mental health needs. Schedule an appointment today with one of our expert clinicians!

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Why Choose Us?

Many of our clinicians have over decade of mental health experience working with clients. We specialize in diagnosis, assessment, evaluation and treatment mental health disorders. We stay current on integrative mental health techniques. We not only focus on treating clients psychologically, but we utilize a psychobiological approach as well as mental health disorder symptoms also produce physiological responses in the body. Research studies indicate exposure to trauma/abuse and chronic stress can lead to Vagus Nerve disfunction and trauma is stored in the Somatic Memory within the body. We are one of the few agencies with cutting edge practices to heal clients with Polyvagal (Vagus Nerve) Reset and Toning and Somatic Experiencing Therapy. We also offer Ecotherapy (Nature Therapy) to help clients experience the healing power of nature. We work with each client in a respectful and humble manner to build trust and rapport while understanding each situation of a client is very unique and we develop a pathway of healing. We tailor our treatment approach to the unique needs of the clients we serve! Our goal is to support our clients promoting harmony within each client's life. Our mental health treatment services are specialized and progressive to meet all of our clients needs!

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